The George and Margaret Young Story

George and Margaret Young’s legacy is a priceless asset to Iron County and the greater Upper Peninsula area. The generous donation of this property and the establishment of the trust to support its operation allows the public to enjoy the land that the Youngs loved so dearly. Both George and Margaret saw the value in protecting this land for community use, and their hope and expectation was for it to be developed as a destination for recreation, relaxation, education.

In Young’s founding documents they make their intentions clear, stating, “We have derived considerable pleasure and enjoyment from this property and regard it as one of the choicest areas in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Mindful of the vanishing areas of lakes, forests, and natural terrain in the Midwest, it has been our cherished desire to establish the property, however titled at our deaths, for use of the public as a place for recreation, outdoor activities and sports, and for learning, so that others may also enjoy and come to love and cherish the lakes, forests and hills on the property…”

George, a native of Iron County, met Margaret while attending college in Chicago; they were later married. They owned and operated the Chicago Brick and Fire Company and Wellsville Company. They often travelled to the Upper Peninsula and were especially fond of this area. The 18-hole golf course, which opened for community use in 1984, was designed by George and based on his travels to other golf courses around the world. In 1993, the newly built clubhouse was dedicated to George and Margaret in their memory.

Because of the Youngs' generosity, we are able to offer an affordable fee schedule which allows community members greater access to all programs and services. Young’s Trust, Board of Directors, and staff continue to work to implement services for the community that stay true to George and Margaret’s original vision.