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Golf at Young’s – a Truly Special Experience


Golf at Young’s – a Truly Special Experience

Driving Range 

2022: The driving range is open daily at 7 am

18-Holes of Northwoods Golf

Golfing at Young’s 18-hole championship course is a special experience. Pristine greens, views of shimmering Chicaugon Lake and the serenity of beautiful Upper Michigan forests elevate your golfing experience. Whether you’re planning a golf outing for a foursome, a party of twelve or a charity golf tournament, an exceptional time awaits you in Iron County, MI. Plan your Young’s golf outing and prep your golf game with our virtual caddy experience! Keep scrolling to get tips and experience a fly-over of each hole!

George Young Golf Course Revitalized

Young’s was founded by George & Margaret Young, who generously donated their 3000+ acre estate and established a trust so it could remain an affordable golf and recreation destination for visitors and residents of Iron County. Our management and staff continue this mission with a focus on gracious service and maintaining an atmosphere that welcomes golfers, swimmers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. In keeping with the Youngs’ vision, Iron County residents enjoy discounted greens fees and membership rates, and Iron County juniors (18 and under) golf for free.

Golf Lessons 2022
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Par 4
Length: 315 yards
Description: Dogleg left - the second shot is into an elevated green with bunkers to the right and left of the green.


Par 4
Length: 337 yards
Description: Watch for the large fairway bunker on the tee shot. This is a large green with a fair amount of back-to-front slope. Avoid missing long with your second shot. Green-side bunker to the right.


Par 3
Length: 138 yards
Description: Plays at least ten yards shorter than the distance. The green is guarded by two deep green-side bunkers. The right one-third of the green is severely sloped and most balls will roll off the green if your tee shot lands there.


Par 5
Length: 460 yards
Description: This hole has a large fairway with only one bunker on the right. A good drive will give you the chance to easily reach in two. The green has three green-side bunkers, so do not miss short.


Par 4
Length: 374 yards
Description: Avoid the fairway bunker on right. A good drive will allow an approach shot with a short iron.


Par 4
Length: 357 yards
Description: This hole plays uphill, and you must decide if you will carry the two fairway bunkers or lay up short of them. Your second shot will play slightly longer due to the slope. Avoid the green-side bunker to the right.


Par 3
Length: 169 yards
Description: One of the more challenging par 3's, it is a blind uphill tee shot to a severely sloped back-to-front green. Avoid the green-side bunker on the left at all costs.


Par 5
Length: 508 yards
Description: You can lay up to the top of the hill or choose to bring out the driver to cut the corner. The second shot is played on a severe downhill slope.


Par 4
Length: 341 yards
Description: This is one of the largest greens in the Upper Peninsula. Avoid the pond along the left and the fairway bunker on the right.



Par 4
Length: 358 yards
Description: With woods on both sides, this is one of the narrower holes at Young’s. There is one fairway bunker on the right to avoid. The front of the green is guarded by two bunkers. There is also a fairly large false front on the green.


Par 4
Length: 412 yards
Description: This hole is the hardest handicapped hole at Young’s. A 200-yard tee shot will set you up well on this extreme dogleg left. Your approach shot will be with a long iron or wood over Wagner Creek. This is the only hole at Young’s without a bunker.


Par 4
Length: 464 yards
Description: You can lay up with a 200-yard club or use the driver to hit up and over trees and Wagner Creek. If you make it over the creek you will have a fairly easy birdie hole.


Par 3
Length: 184 yards
Description: A totally blind uphill par 3 makes this hole very challenging. Once on the green, you will notice the extreme back-to-front slope. Be cautious when putting.


Par 4
Length: 360 yards
Description: A narrow driving hole with two right-side fairway bunkers. If you manage to find the fairway it is a short iron shot into a fairly flat green.


Par 5
Length: 538 yards
Description: This tee shot is a risk-reward – lay up with a long iron or swing away with the driver. Avoid right-side trees in the rough. For most, the second shot will be a layup just short of the fairway bunker. The third shot is into an extremely elevated green. Avoid missing long or right.


Par 4
Length: 287 yards
Description: For the long hitter, this is a reachable par 4 as it is played downhill. You will need to determine if you will lay up short of the fairway bunkers or try to fly them with your driver. This hole is the easiest par 4 at Young’s.


Par 4
Length: 358 yards
Description: You can choose to hit your driver over the corner of the trees, or you can lay up somewhere by the fairway bunker. Second shot is into a green that is sloped from back to front. The green is guarded by one fairway bunker to the right.


Par 3
Length: 155 yards
Description: This par 3 plays slightly uphill to a large green. The green is also sloped from back to front. The only dangers on this hole are the three bunkers around the green.