Young's Today

Young’s continues to build on the legacy established by George and Margaret Young. We still provide outstanding, affordable golf and recreational activities for the Iron River community and beyond. But today, we offer so much more.

We’re cultivating a warm and welcoming environment, where guests always come first. We want you to feel at home at Young’s, whether you’re enjoying our beautiful grounds or unwinding in our comfortable clubhouse and restaurant.

With year-round recreational opportunities, special events, and community-driven educational programs, Young’s is your place to gather, celebrate, relax, and play.


To fully develop and steward Young's as a world-class regional destination for the public to recreate, learn, relax, and cherish all the gifts of nature offered through its unique properties and facilities.


Partnership – We seek to contribute to the flourishing of our whole community by developing mutually beneficial local partnerships to carry out programs and provide successful outcomes.

Sustainability – We seek to honor the “trust” and vision of George and Margaret Young with fiscally responsible and careful management of their vision and assets for the common good in the form of facilities, activities and programs that can be maintained at a high quality over an extended period of time.

Accessibility – We ensure that programs are accessibly priced for the public, and especially children.  We encourage healthy community development by drawing families, children and adults into the outdoors during all four seasons.  Young's is a welcoming and safe space for all people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Excellence – We seek to provide programs and activities that Young's is uniquely positioned to carry out exceptionally well, and that fosters positive and unique recreation and education opportunities to nurture the health and potential of children, adults and families.