COVID-19 Update

In the wake of the global pandemic that is COVID-19, I want to give an update on our operation and the impact it has had on Young’s. Our main priority, in the early stages of this pandemic, was to keep all of our employees working. In the last week we accomplished many essential tasks that get overlooked when we are fully-operational. With the teamwork and dedication of our employees we were able to deep clean and sanitize our kitchen, bar and aquatics center, organize and determine inventory, maintain contact with members and the general public, and begin construction on infrastructure that was damaged in December due to a burst in our fire suppression system.

With the most recent Executive Order released by Governor Whitmer, we are now on a complete operational shutdown. As unfortunate as this is, the logic behind it is sound, as to keep the virus suppressed as much as possible.

We will be monitoring this situation very closely and will continually give updates on the status of our operation. It is our hope that this will not affect our golf season and beyond.

Please stay safe out there.

Jason Rivard
General Manager